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<Apr 9, 20> Bexley's Corona Initiative (BACoAF) Featured in Financial Express


Investors like Naspers and Ascent Capital are also looking to invest in startups developing solutions to fight against Covid-19 by leveraging platforms from investment banks like Bexley Advisors. “We want to ensure great companies that want to have an impact during these extraordinary times access capital, resources and markets,” Sehraj Singh, Head, Naspers told Financial Express Online. Through the Bexley Advisors Covid-19 Action Fund (BACoAF) initiative, solutions from startups are shared with investors for investment. “Investment banks are facilitators of the flow of capital at their core. It is imperative that we deploy our skills at a time like this, where without stimulus, natural funding channels may freeze,” said Utkarsh Sinha, Managing Director, Bexley Advisors.


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