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<Aug 8, 19> Bexley Advisors Quoted in MoneyControl: “CCD Could Be a Target for PE Investors"

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

..."CDEL stock prices dropped from Rs 191.70 on July 29 to Rs 81.25 on July 31, 2019 in BSE. The company market cap fell from Rs 4000 crore to Rs 2000 crore, according to reports.

Utkarsh Sinha, MD, Bexley Advisors, an advisory firm, said Siddhartha’s demise was unfortunate but added that the company can still be turned around.

As share prices fall, Sinha said the coffee chain operator could become a lucrative investment for private equity players.

"An announcement to make the company private would potentially be a good outcome for CCD’s shareholders. The move would stall the share price spiral and potentially bring about a recovery. It would ensure the company can be turned around," he said."

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